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It's definitely possible to be Plus Sized and still be Athletic and we're living proof!

At a time when being body positive is so important, we at Fatletic are here to help prove the fact that it is possible to be plus sized and be athletic at the same time. We know many people may struggle with their weight but still get up every day and hit the gym, or go for a run, or spend hours a week doing hot yoga. We may be large, but we are certainly still in charge of our own lives and attitude. Each and every one of you are champions, and at Fatletic we celebrate you and everything about you.

You are the key!

Everyone has struggles that we face, but actually facing those struggles and overcoming them is the key to happiness.

You work hard!

You put in the hours, you put in the work at the gym or at practice. Even though you may carry more weight than others, you are still a true athlete

Never Give Up

Being Fatletic you know that you work harder than most and having that mental peice of the puzzle helps you to never give up on your goals.

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